mid-range unstable groovy synths,
complex and unusual time signatures, bleeps, clicks,
simple synth leads and basslines with funk, r'n'b or house-like rhythms,
overall rendering a stripped-down braindance sound.
These rhythms may be characterised by their intensive use of syncopation
and polyrhythms, wonky, glitch hop, chiptune, footwork, modern garage,
IDM, skweee, electro, breaks and drill n’ bass.

bleep! bleep!
27.10.2011 xpiths(echovolt)
+ Alex Tsiridis (cassegrain)
soon to be announced JAXZVIEWLAND (LIVE)
soon to be announced Metronomic Head Move (LIVE)
art-house gallery.bar / Vogatsikou 4 / Thessaloniki